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audrey_rate's Journal

Which Audrey Hepburn character are you?
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Welcome to background patternaudrey_rate! This is a stamping community dedicated to one of the most timeless and classic actresses of all time - the lovely Audrey Hepburn. Anyone is more than welcome to join and apply for a stamp, whether you are a die-hard fan (like myself) or if you've only seen bits and pieces of her films. All you have to do is join, read the rules below and fill out the application! I hope you have fun, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me, your mod, @background patterntunnels_of_loce. ♥

Rules & Application

Community Rules:
1. No flaming, insulting, bashing, being rude, or starting drama.
2. You must join the community to post.
3. VOTE!! You DO NOT have to be stamped in order to do so.
4. Please put your survey behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how, read how to do that here.
5. You MUST fill out the survey below!
6. If you absolutely dislike or disagree with who you've been stamped as, you're allowed one restamp.
7. To make sure you've read the rules here, be sure to put "Hepburn" somewhere in the subject line.
8. You must vote on at least three other applications before you will be stamped. Please provide links to these in your application.
9. Sock puppet accounts are NOT ALLOWED. These are fake accounts with false identities and can be used simply to get other stamps. They are annoying and a waste of everyone's time, and will be deleted. And yes - we can tell if you're not being genuine.

Voting Rules:
1. As said before, no being rude to someone or insulting them. This will not be tolerated.
2. BOLD your votes, please!
3. Once you get at least 5 votes for a particular stamp or a week has passed, then you will be stamped. If it has been longer than this, a mod will make a post reminding members to vote for you. If this hasn't been done and you're still waiting for a stamp, please contact the mod!

Theme Rules:
1. All themes are open and available for applications at any time
2. You MUST have a regular stamp before applying for any theme
3. Please indicate which theme you're applying for in the subject title
4. A list of all themes can be found by clicking the link below
5. All regular voting and application rules apply


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